TIMT considers achieving 100% placements, year after year, as it’s Core Selling Proposition (CSP) and hence lot of time and effort is spent in carrying out the related processes in a systematic and effective manner. Placement activity, as a system, has its own inputs, processes, outputs and feedback. Arising from the experience and learning during Placements. Placements at TIMT are students’ driven and managed by Placement Committee.

The Student Placement Committee (SPC) is created at Departmental Level, with a mix of Previous and Final year students. The nominations are voluntarily collected across the departments, who are funneled out through a series of interviews. The SPC is formed with an objective to augment participation of students in placement activities and to manage the expectations of students related to placements. SPC serves as an effective link between placement companies, campus and students.

The Summer Internship Programme (SIP) forms a significant component of education at TIMT. It is an attempt to bridge the gap between the academic institution and the corporate world. The SIP is a simulation of real work environment that requires the student interns to undergo the rigour of professional environment, both in form and in sunstance. It provides an opportunity for them to satisfy their inquisitiveness about the corporate world, rpvides exposure to technical skills, and helps them to acquire social skills by being in constant interaction with the professionals of other organizations.