Department of Personality Development

Behavioral competencies are the most critical and sought after abilities by the employers across the globe. These incorporate the ability to work with people, and the knack to motivate people involved. The most successful people in an organization are not the ones who possess the best technical skills but those who manage their emotions as well as those of their co-worker- the best! The Personality Development Department at TIMT endeavors to develop, nurture and reinforce the behavioral competencies as team-building, intrinsic motivation, leadership, adapting change, strategic planning & execution, stress management to name a few. The department has three pronged aspects catering to skills’ gaps namely English Language Coaching, Lifelong Skills Coaching and Personality Development Evaluation sessions following a modular approach. The pedagogy is a blend of experiential learning, anecdotes, management games, reel power learning, video cases and brainstorming sessions.


The language laboratory at TIMT is an audio-visual installation using Clarity English software. It is a network based teaching software designed to improve teaching environment in the computer labs. It enables a teacher to remotely control, monitor, broadcast, and assist students in teacher PC directly. With powerful functions as Net Movie, virtual recording, student demonstration besides friendly user interface, it not only facilities the teaching process but also brings fun and efficiency to learning.