Department of Management


About the Department
TIMT’s Management Department is designed to nature students and helps them build and enhance their managerial competence. The meticulously structured programmes helps students to understand the social, economic, political, technological and ecological environment of modern society and its characteristic values. The department provides with an opportunity to become effective leaders, who can achieve results beyond expectations and transform organizations.The department attempts to create line of budding managers who laterally think, so that they come out with innovative answers, create alternative solutions, and develop entrepreneurial skills. Through diverse approaches, we imbibe values of integrity, justice and fairness so that they promote and maintain high ethical standards in management. The department helps to develop a global mindset competition. 

Department has a host of a separate advanced data analytics computer laboratory in addition to central computer centre with round the clock computing & Internet facilities. The lab is well equipped with internal web server to make access to all on-line journals and e-books for the easy access of students.


S.No. Name Designation Qualification Letter No. and Date of University Approval ID Number
1 Dr. Vikas Daryal Professor Ph.D, MBA, MTA, DFL(German) CBA-220B/2012/1944 B.Tech/000416
2 Dr. Vandana Madaan Associate Professor MBA, PhD CBA-220B/2009/15232 MBA/000039
3 Ms. Ginni Syal Assistant Professor MBA, NET Qualified CBA-220B/2013/5995 MBA/000420
4 Dr. Vinod Kumar Assistant Professor MBA, NET Qualified, PhD CBA-220B/2013/5993 MBA/000421
5 Ms. Yogita Uppal Assistant Professor MBA


S.No. Name Designation Qualification Letter No. and Date of University Approval ID Number
1 Dr. Shaili Gupta Assistant Professor MBA,UGC-NET, PhD CBA/416B/2018/1757
2 Dr. Swati Assistant Professor MBA,PhD
3 Mr. Ankush Singla Assistant Professor MBA, UGC-NET, PhD Pursuing CBA/416B/2018/1757
4 Mr. Aman Kumar Assistant Professor MBA,UGC-NET CBA/416B/2018/1757
5 Ms. Swati Wadhawan Assistant Professor MBA
6 Mr. Bhawna Saini Assistant Professor MBA,NET
7 Ms. Esha Mehta Assistant Professor MBA, Ph.D (Pursuing)
8 Ms. Tanushree Mukherjee Assistant Professor MBA
9 Ms. Sakshi Garg Assistant Professor MBA
10 Ms. Diksha Khera Assistant Professor MBA
11 Ms. Nandini Assistant Professor MBA
11 Ms. Pooja Mehta Assistant Professor MBA
11 Ms. Akanksha Assistant Professor MBA