How to make decisions as a leader: Tips for management students

There is a famous saying “great leaders are great decision-makers.” It means that if you want to become a great leader and manage a group of people under you, you must develop your decision-making skills. Moreover, being a management student, this is the very basic but important skill you must learn. 

Great leaders know how to balance their sentiments and make essential decisions based on what should be done, rather than doing something influenced by their personal choices. Here are three powerful qualities you need to master to become an exceptional leader. 


Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your emotions including those of others. It is one of the most important qualities a leader must possess. Emotional intelligence includes self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, and relationship management. Where self-awareness is the foundation for all aspects of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is necessary


Uncertainty management

Life is full of uncertainties, but we as humans are not very fond of uncertain situations. We do not like changes or secrets in our lives. We wish for the smooth running of our all situations in life. But this affects our decision-making power. Additionally, what makes making the right decisions more difficult is because we fear the outcomes might be uncertain and variable. The key is in accepting the uncertainty rather than trying to resolve it. Doing this will eventually help you focus the limited time, energy, and money used in making the best decisions. 

Accept uncertainty


Understanding the psychology of others is an important part of leadership. Many think that a leader is someone who is strict and not connected with their people, but it is not the case. Great leaders know how to connect with their people and understand their problems by coming to their shoes. 

Put yourself in other’s shoes

The secret to becoming a great leader or manager is that you need to be able to control and manage your own emotions, understand other people’s emotions and connect with them. However, these are not the only skills that a leader or a manager need to develop in them. There are other factors too that affects the decision making of a manager such as Political Awareness, patience, great memory, and even luck.