Guest Lectures & Workshops

Interactive session regarding contrast between the education system in India & United States
Mr. Kunal Mangal, Research Scholar, Harvard University January 10, 2017
Technical Session on Corporate Database (Capitaline)
Mr. Subhash Kumar, Regional Head (Sales & Marketing), Capitaline India Ltd., Gurgaon January 12, 2017
Session on topic ITSM & ITIL
Mr. Atul Grover, Lead Consultant, Wipro Technologies January 16, 2017
Interactive session on How to prepare for an IT Company
Ms. Urvashi Lamba, Software Engineer, Tech Mahindra January 18, 2017
Enterpreneural Orientation
Mr. Abhishek Pahwa, Entrepreneur, Maskari Impex India Pvt. Ltd. January 27, 2017
Expectations from Union Budget 2017-2018
Mr. Shrish Mudgal, Regional Manager-Market Development, Business Standard Pvt. Ltd. January 28, 2017
Workshop on Web Development
Ms. Gunjan Anand, Software Engineer, Key Software Services February 04, 2017
Union Budet 2017-Expectaions Vs. Impact
Mr. Vijay C. Roy & Mr. Shrish Mudgal, Senior Correspondent, Tribune & Regional Manager, Market Development, Business Pvt. Ltd. February 04, 2017
An Interactive Session on Future Prospects in Industries
Mr. Nitin Gupta, Data Analyst, Basware Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh February 07, 2017
Difference between Reel life and Real Life
Mr. Vikas Sharma, Manager-Marketing, HT Media Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh February 16, 2017
Workshop on Java Programming
Mr. Vibhu Khurana, Software Engineer, Nagarro February 18, 2017
Interactive Session
Mr. Rohit Ahlawat & Mr. Chander Prakash Jhakar, HR Manager, ABC Consultants & Deputy Manager, Axis Bank February 18, 2017
Interactive Session on dealing with Individual and Corporate Expectations
Mr. Anant Goyal, Regional Manager, IndusInd Bank March 02, 2017
Session on Web Deveolpment
Ms. Charu Anand & Ms. Sonam Mehra, Web Developer, Jerenone Technologies & Software Developer, Debut Infotech March 04, 2017
Managerial Learnings from Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta
Dr. Anil Dhawan, Professor, M.L.N. College, Yamuna Nagar March 04, 2017
Interactive session on challenges of Industry
Ms. Sanskriti Sharma & Mr. Aman Jain, Software Developer , Debut Infoteh March 11, 2017
Corporate Social Responsinbility Intiatives & Ethics at TCS
Mr. Pankaj Baliga, Former Vice President, Tata Consultancy Services March 21, 2017
Workshop on Java Servelets
Mr. Ritin Goyal, Senior Java Developer, CatalystOne, Mohali April 07, 2017
Workshop on PHP
Ms. Charu Anand, Web Developer, Jerenone Technologies June 10, 2017
Session related to projects of Android
Mr. Akshay Sood, Android Developer, Debut Infotech June 17, 2017
Interactive session related to Project Development
Mr. Ankit Sharma, Sr. Software Developer, Click Labs June 24, 2017
Session related to projects of Web Development
Ms. Jagriti Kamboj, Web Developer, Intersoft Professionals June 25, 2017