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The department of computer applications aims to develop innovative areas of Computer Applications; advance and enhance..


TIMT’s Management Department is designed to nature students and helps them build and enhance their managerial competence. The meticulously structured programmes

Training & Placements

TIMT considers achieving 100% placements, year after year, as it’s Core Selling Proposition (CSP) and hence lot of time and effort is spent in carrying out the related processes in a systematic and effective manner.

SIP Form

The summer internship programme (SIP) forms a significant component of education at TIMT. It is an attempt to bridge the gap between the academic institution and the corporate world. The SIP is a simulation of real work environment that require the student interns to undergo the rigor of professional environment, both in form and in substance. It provides an opportunity for them to satisfy inquisitiveness about the corporate world, provide exposure to technical skills and helps them to acquire social skills by being in constant interaction with the professional of other organizations.

Department of Management

TIMT considers achieving 100% placements, year after year, as its core selling proposition (CSP) and hence lot of time and effort is spent in caring out the related processes in a systematic and effective manner. Placement activity, as a system, has its own inputs, processes, outputs and feedback. Arising from the experience and learning during placement. Placement at TIMT are students’ driven and managed by placement committee.

Value Added Courses

Value Added Courses – To meet the requirement of corporate world, the technical and managerial skills of the students have to be updated continuously and as per the current needs. To make and keep our students industry ready many value added courses are organized from time to time. These value added courses are designed for skills like Android Application Development, Software Quality Assurance, Banking and Finance, Stock Market, Current HR Practices, Retail etc.

Parent Teacher Meet

Parent teacher Meet – In TIMT we believe that the student is the responsibility of the parent and teachers’ alike, so they should often meet and discuss the strengths, challenges and performance of the students. To fulfill this commitment parent teacher meet is organized monthly to appraise the parent regarding the performance and achievements of their wards. These meeting are also used as an excellent brainstorming and feedback session for the betterment of the institute and education.

Technical Clubs/Society

Technical Clubs and Societies – Various clubs and societies have been established in the institute to help the student discover and explore their hidden potential. The various clubs like Language Club, Creative Minds Clubs, Mobile App Club, Designer’s Club etc., provide an opportunity to the students to learn and enhance their skills in various fields.

Industrial and Excursion Trips

Industrial and Excursion Trips – Industrial visits are excellent method to expose the budding technocrats and management professionals to the real corporate world, where the students get a glimpse of the corporate life for which they are preparing. Industrial visits are arranged regularly to invoke the curiosity among the students and help them inculcate the habit of deep learning of the skills and technologies required by the industry. Along with industrial visit the student are regularly sent for excursion trips.

Guest Lectures

Guest Lecture - Guest lecture are an important part of education provided to the students at TIMT. Guest lecturers are conducted by corporate and academic persons of eminence. Guest lecturers can open up student’s eyes to job prospects they never saw possible before. Since inception TIMT has conducted more than 500 guest lecture of repute for the students.